Bathed from childhood in a premonitory atmosphere. Olivier godson is born of parents and grandparents themselves painters or sculptors. Carricaturist and drafter of instincl, he first opted for a career off the shelves, until January 2009, when the constraints of the Parisian life and the administrative annoyances combined will make him pique "a big shot of anger". casting error, he admits!
Ofil realizes then that his life was at the antipodes of his deep aspirations. Soon seduced by the true beauty of things, he moved to Brittany to paint and paint. In June 2009, he exhibited his first works as a man ... released at the Salon Chateauneuf d'Ille et Vilaine and receives the gold medal, amateur category. In this beginning of reconversion, it was the supreme encouragement. Very quickly in 2010, his path is clearly drawn, he becomes a professional artist and discovers ever more in his environment, the strong bases of his creativity. "I try to share the emotion that I feel at the sight of an old hull, a hedge, a sky, a picturesque place ...".
With his palette, he deciphers in his hand the fluid mysteries of the earth and the sky. He declines shades of gray and blues deep blacks. He captures them from the solar gaps in the jagged frames of skiffs stranded along the creek. Versatile skies in gouache lights, Ofil flushes powerful contrasts to the intimate mazes of the terroirs and makes perceptible the invisible, to the singing of its colors and interior landscapes. A precise and sensitive contemporary romantic painter, "he is also a realistic cantor in the figurative modernity of his expression.
Fugacity, durability in the ephemeral, his work is part of the elegance of a sumptuous sobriety. Ofil there are infinitely many portraits of the Breton soul exalted by the inexhaustible imagination of places.

Jean-louis Avril "Univers des Arts"

OFIL Olivier Filleul, peintre professionnel expose aux 29ème rencontres de l'Art et du Sport de Maubourguet, les 17,18 et 19 août 2018 à Maubourguet 65700.