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Reviews and Prefaces about the artist Ofil


See my profile Artist Certified Professional Painter i-CAC.Je suis un Artiste Peintre Professionnel certifié I-CAC

Bernard BOSCHER (Art critique CE/CA - CAMBRIDGE EXPERTISE Ltd Company) :
Drawing is always key to figurative art and it is quite clear that Ofil knows how to draw and to build up a composition. : [Read more ]

René LE BIHAN (- former curator of Brest’s Art museum (1964-2002) - art critic, writer.) :
Could it be that painting is under control, an art subject to the whims of time?  Some decades ago, everyone, or nearly everyone, .... [ Read more ]

Mary SWANN (American Artist) :
Olivier Filleul’s sensational landscapes are charged with both emotion and motion. He paints in places he has known, loved and paid close attention to all his life... [ Read more ]

Georges EAST (British writer) :
‘Although I am a writer of a long time and a little ability, I have always found it impossible to ... [ Read more ]

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